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Joint Nordic procurement

On behalf of the Norwegian, Icelandic and Danish Authorities, Landspitali, LIS and Amgros intend to jointly procure pharmaceuticals for use in hospitals.

We expect to publish the joint Nordic procurement by the end of March, and to be able to bid on the tender you will need an user account, why we publish the below guides to help you setting up a user account and how to navigate in Amgros’ tendering page. If you previously have bid on a tender in Amgros’ tendering page, you do not need to create a new account.  You will be able to use your current user details for bidding on the joint Nordic procurement.

The joint Nordic procurement will be published in Amgros’ tendering page.

Please find links to the guides below:

Drafts of the tender material are published for comments from potential suppliers.

1. Tender 2020 - 1.620.a

 2. Tender 2020 - 1.620.b

3. Tender 2020-1.622.a

4. Tender 2020-2.620.b


Please send your response in Danish, Norwegian or English to udbud@amgros.dk.

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